Tell Oregon’s leaders- we need to focus fire recovery on what we know will save homes and communities

Preparing for Wildfire Means Investing in Communities

By focusing wildfire policy on home-safety and community preparedness, we can help Oregon become fire resilient

Tell Oregon’s leaders to focus on keeping communities safe!

As community members across Oregon pick up the pieces from this season’s wildfires, Oregonians have a choice–invest our limited funds in solutions that work or continue to waste funds on outdated and ineffective approaches.

With no federal support, residents of Paradise camped outside Walmart in Chico, California after more than 14,000 people lost their homes in the Camp Fire.

Research from top experts proves the most effective actions to prevent houses from burning happen within 100 feet of the structure. We must stop thinking from the FOREST IN and start protecting our communities from the HOME OUT

Lessons learned from

the Camp Fire

Tell Oregon’s leaders- we need to focus fire recovery on what we know will save homes and communities

“Rim Fire Restoration”

Gov. Newsom, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) are planning to use this 70 million dollars of taxpayer money to subsidize destructive logging in the Stanislaus National Forest in a project that is misleadingly called “Rim Fire Restoration”

Using taxpayer money, Sierra Nevada Conservancy plans to clearcut thousands of acres, spray thousands of pounds of toxic herbicides, and then plant sterile tree mono-crop plantations for future timber harvest.

Tell Oregon’s leaders- we need to focus fire recovery on what we know will save homes and communities

This project is based on the false claim that the forests burned in the 2013 Rim Fire is not recovering and that it needs intervention from people. This forests is in a remote location far from any urban areas. Newsom’s plan to log would harm this sensitive and vibrant, young forest, when we could use this money to help fire impacted communities recover and rebuild to withstand future fires.


The forest is recovering

“The current administration have been using these tragedies, human tragedies where homes are burning and people are losing their lives as an excuse to try to roll back environmental laws and massively increase logging.”

-Dr. Chad Hanson, Fire Ecologist

New life after the fire in the Stanislaus Forest

Goshawk family thriving after the Rim fire. Nest built in 2018.

Newsom’s plan fails communities and the environment. This flawed project should be withdrawn and the $70 million in HUD funds need to applied to help fire-impacted communities, like Paradise, recover and rebuild in fire-safe ways.

Let the Governor know you don’t support logging as a replacement for real fire safety measures for communities at risk.

Action Needed: Please Contact Gov. Newsom’s Natural Resources Secretary, Wade Crowfoot, and urge him to “Please withdraw the Rim fire clearcut scheme”, and instead use the $70 million HUD disaster-relief grant to help the town of Paradise recover from the Camp Fire. Email Secretary Wade Crowfoot at: